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This website and blog is devoted to a discussion of China-based companies that are publicly listed in the United States.

The operator of this website and affiliated entities take long and short positions in public securities of the companies discussed on this website. Although I choose to remain anonymous, I provide full disclosure of my positions at the time of the publishing of each blog post. I provide this disclosure at the bottom of each post.

In no part of this website do I attempt to provide false or misleading information. All facts presented on this site are true to the best of my knowledge. All opinions presented in this website are my own and accurately reflect my actual opinion on the relevant subject being discussed. To the extent you believe I have provided false or misleading information, please contact me at and if I agree with your assessment, I will modify the relevant content on my website and/or post a clarification in the Q&A section of the post.


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May 25, 2010 at 10:34 pm

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